Erik Jørgensen

Ever since Erik Jørgensen built his modest workshop in Svendborg, Denmark more than 50 years ago, furniture production under his name has been borne by an inquisitive seeking after new modes of expression rooted in deep respect for solid craftsmanship. His spirit is just as alive today as in 1954 and the very drive of Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik.

Erik Jørgensen combined his skills as a craftsman as well as his good understanding of materials with new functionalist design trends. He was very ambitious, and due to his extraordinary drive he managed to establish a well-reputed furniture upholstering company working together with a group of skilled craftsmen in only a few years. To him it was essential to have a constant interaction with the architects in order to create the right combination of design, function and quality. It was Erik Jørgensen’s basic idea that his feel for the market and the craft, combined with the creativity of the designer was the key to successful designer furniture.

At Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik innovation has always been rooted in an invariable demand that only materials that meet the highest standard on the market be used. During the last years the company has formed several long standing working relations with the best suppliers of steel, leather, wood and foam. Most of the manufacturers are Danish by far, and they keep a close dialogue with the designers at Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik about production methods, as well as choices concerning material and construction.

That way reinvention and quality are insured. That way perfection and provocation are insured.