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Erik Jørgensen - EJ 50-1/51 by EJ Designteam

EJ 50-1/51

Design: EJ Designteam

Cubist and angular in shape but without sharp corners despite having been around for xx years. EJ51 was originally designed to accompany the sofa EJ50, but this no-frills chair has enough backbone to stand alone. Compact, minimalist and powerful in its architectural form. Soft, round and durable in its natural material. Like a petite piece of furniture architecture. Like pure geometric form. Like exquisite material fetishism.

Cushions: down cover or dacron, covers: frame fixed, cushions removable, legs: stainless steel.

EJ 50-1 Dimensions:
H 70cm W 76cm | H 27.56" W 29.92"

EJ 51 Dimensions:
H 70cm W 69cm | H 27.56" W 27.17"

Delivery Time:
Approx. 8-10 weeks

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