Fabricius & Kastholm | Grete Jalk

Inspired by the 1920s functionalistic pioneers and the 1960s innovative Scandinavian language of form, Fabricius & Kastholm designed a range of minimalist furniture that in recent years has enjoyed a renaissance in the consumers' hearts and homes.

Lange Production is proud to have the exclusive rights to resume production of this unique furniture, which is timeless yet captures the spirit of the age. Furniture where design, quality and function form a synthesis. The furniture is produced at the same factory and with the same tools used in the 1960s to make the original furniture. The entire production was carried out in close collaboration between Lange Production and Jørgen Kastholm.

Lange Production has been awarded the reddot design award for its GJ Chair designed by Grete Jalk. The GJ Chair was shown by Lange Production for the first time in 45 years at the ORGATEC fair and received great attention. It is therefore with great honour that Lange Production receives this reddot design award.

Grete Jalk’s honesty and genuine interest in every aspect of quality has made her the conscience of Danish design. Therefore, Lange Production feels very proud and honoured that they are able to present Grete Jalk’s best known pieces of furniture from 1963 – her moulded plywood chair – the GJ Chair – and the GJ Nesting Table. They differ from any previous experiments with moulded plywood by virtue of their sheer technical daring and, despite being composed of two conjoined pieces, the effect is organic and elegant.