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Seesaw - EJ 2800

Seesaw - EJ 2800

Design: Louise Campbell

Seesaw was designed by Louise Campbell, who continues to surprise with her unorthodox and experimental approach to design. Seesaw is Campbells’ innovative concept for an interactive piece of furniture where it takes two people to achieve balance. Seesaw is a playground for children and creative spirits. An alternative way of furnishing a room. A balancing act that promotes communication, for who says that sitting still necessarily promotes a good dialogue?

Cold cured polyurethane foam, covers fixed

Seesaw - EJ 2800 Dimensions:
H 44cm W 243cm D 49cm | H 17.32" W 95.67" D 19.3"

Delivery Time:
Approx. 8-10 weeks

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