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Erik Jørgensen - Hector Sofa EJ 480 by Anderssen & Voll

Hector Sofa EJ 480

Design: Anderssen & Voll

The Norwegian design duo Anderssen & Voll have, with their innovative design and traditional approach to craftsmanship, played a central role in the emergence of “New Nordic”.

With the Hector sofa, the design duo have reinterpreted the classic Erik Jørgensen sofa and was inspired by several well-known elements from Erik Jørgensen’s design history. The sofa is built around a tight and minimalistic frame, combined with a more comfortable core.

With its soft cushions and tall back, the sofa is created for relaxation. Its stringent outer frame makes the Hector sofa a great match for the modern, Scandinavian home, as well as a match for the office. With Hector, you can combine textiles and leather in various ways and create a result that gives you a unique sofa with personality. The frame of the sofa is always upholstered in textile, while the cushions can be upholstered in various materials, which gives you room to play with the sofa’s expression.

Covers: Fixed, cushions removable
Cushions: Cold cured polyurethane
Legs: Stainless steel

Hector Sofa 2-seater EJ 480-2 Dimensions:
H 90cm W 160cm D 90cm | H 35.4" W 63.0" D 35.4"
Hector Sofa 3-seater EJ 480-3 Dimensions:
H 90cm W 235cm D 90cm | H 35.4" W 92.5" D 35.4"

Seat Height: 41cm | 16.1"

Delivery Time:
Approx. 8-10 weeks

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