Joe Colombo

"The possibilities presented by the extraordinary development of audiovisual processes are enormous… Distances will no longer have much importance; no longer will there be any justification for the 'megalopolis'… Furnishings will disappear… the habitat will be everywhere..."
- Joe Colombo

After experiences in various art's fields,from informal painting to furnishings, since 1963 he devotes himself to the industrial design for a mass-production; many of those objects, assembled in different ways, look as true systems.

By experimenting new materials and using most advanced technologies, he creates a kind of "machines for living", habitat of the future: multi-function mobile units, like VISIONA 1, TOTAL FURNISHING, ROTO-LIVING, CABRIOLET-BED and MINI-KITCHEN.

He has been awarded in many prizes and quoted in selections, i.e.: In-Arch award for a Hotel's fitting-out; at the XIII Triennale, one gold medal for the ACRILICA lamp and two silver medals for COMBI-CENTER and MINI-KITCHEN respectively; the COMPASSO D'ORO for the SPIDER lamp and the air-conditioner CANDYZIONATORE; the International Design award for the COUPE and SPRING lamps; the Tecnhotel Award for the UNIVERSALE chair and the S.M.A.U.award for the BOBY trolley.

Many of his works have been exhibited and included in the most important Museums's collections all over the world.