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Erik Jørgensen - Corona EJ 5 by Poul M. Volther

A Danish Design Classic

Design: Poul M. Volther, 1964

Corona was designed by Poul M. Volther and received a lot of acclaim when it was first launched in 1964. Since its making the chair has been shown in a wide variety of fashion features, film and music videos.

Corona was the chair used by the heads of state in Europe during the recent EU summit in Copenhagen.

A rare combination of organic expression and technical streamlining. The four upholstered shells give maximum support of the body with overt associations to both spinal column and ribs of the human anatomy. Due to its floating constellation Corona seems to be almost transparent and effortlessly blends in with the room.

Covers: Fixed. Fabrics or leather.
Foam: Molded polyurethane foam.
Legs: Mat chromed steel.

Corona EJ 5 – Upholstered Chair
H 97cm W 88cm D 82cm | H 38.2" W 34.6" D 32.3"

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Approx. 8-10 weeks

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