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MDF Italia – Axy Comfort - Electrified by Claudio Bellini

Axy Comfort - Electrified

Design: Claudio Bellini

Lightness combined with dynamic perception of suspension is the theme developed by the design of the new table system Axy. A basic architecture in which the original design of the two structural bridges, entirely made of aluminium, recomposes the tensions and strength lines with expressive efficacy. A thin top completes the table, conveying an overall aerial impression underpinned by reassuring stability. Available in various configurations, including the extendable version, with a wide choice of materials and finishes Axy naturally adapts to a broad range of interpretations both for indoor and outdoor use, from the dining-table to the working desk.

Fixed bearing frame made of extruded aluminium painted with matt graphite grey epoxy powder.

Tops are available in the materials: Fenix, oak, and aluminium. Thickness 12 mm. Aluminium tops are also suitable for outdoor use.

A series of adaptors with different types of sockets and functions can be hooked to the electrified profile. Steel spring to be inserted into specific holes prepared in the lower part of the electrified raceway to collect the cables.

Axy Comfort - Electrified Dimensions:
Width: 120 cm | 47.24", Height: 73cm | 28.74"
L 240 cm | L 94.49"
L 260 cm | L 102.36"
L 280 cm | L 110.24"
L 300 cm | L 118.11"
L 340 cm | L 133.85"
L 400 cm | L 157.48"

Lead Time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks

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