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MDF Italia – Ext Table Laminate by B. Fattorini

Monochromatic Extendable Table - Light and Rigorous

Design: B. Fattorini

The extension tops, in standard size 60cm, are housed into rails (undertop), and, when used, rest on these by means of automatic fastening devices.

You can have just one extension at one end in the size 140cm (+60) and 180 (+60), or extensions at both ends in the size 200cm (+60+60). Height 72cm.

To extend the frame you need to pull out the bridge laterally, two levers on the undertop rails allow to lock the push-in and pull-out operations.

Both the top and the extensions come in the same material. Monochromatic version Frame and legs in goffered matt lacquered aluminium in white, medium grey, anthracite or red, and Tops in plastic laminate in the same colour of the frame.

Ext Table – Short
D 90cm W 140cm | D 35.4" W 55.1"

Ext Table – Medium
D 90cm W 180cm | D 35.4" W 70.9"

Ext Table – Long
D 90cm W 200cm | D 35.4" W 78.7"

Height: 72cm | 28.3"

€ 3.716,00

Lead Time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks

  • 90 x 140 cm
  • White
€ 3.716,00
€ 3.716,00
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