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MDF Italia – Lim 3.0 Standard-Natural Andoized Frame by Fattorini, Rizzini & Partners

Lim 3.0 Standard-Natural Andoized Frame

Design: Fattorini, Rizzini & Partners

LIM 3.0, a makeover of the LIM iconic family, renews and turns into a light and thin table, with a more up-to date and modern identity. The structure contained in the sections can receive different materials to offer an alternative option to monochromatism and single material structure. The frame and the built-in top flush with the new and sophisticated surfaces (today used in architecture only) generate with LIM 3.0 a multi-purpose and chameleon collection which enhances all its features.

The high quality ceramic tops are the result of an avant-garde technology conceived in conscious respect of the environment. Porcelanised grès composed of an accurate selection of the finest raw materials, quartz, feldspar, clay and noble kaolin mixture, pressed and synthetized. The final plate is defined “full body” with veins on its surface in its infinite chromatic variations. For these reasons all visual irregularities, shades and non-uniformity of the surface and color material have to be considered as quality and uniqueness mark of the product. Each one different from the other each one original.

A table composed of top, legs and a perimeter frame in extruded aluminium, available in natural anodised or epoxy powder matt painted version in white and graphite grey shades. The tabletop is a composite panel made of a central support in aluminium sections with resin-coated honeycomb filling and two layers, still in aluminium; such a technological innovation allows the top to reach important sizes, maintaining a perfect flatness and a considerable lightness. Legs in extruded aluminium, section 35x35 mm, with a standard central steel support bar. Perimeter frame in extruded aluminium, height 35 mm.

Tables are also available in the version equipped with 1 or 2 openings for cable access and an undertop cable tray (lateral, front or central openings). The opening for cable is made of anodised aluminium or lacquered white and graphite grey (in the same colour of the structure). The undertop tray is always in anodized aluminium. Please call to order.

Measurement Tolerances
The top is 1 mm smaller at each side than the structure. Only the L300 is to be considered nominal; actual size L299.5.

Available in:
Lacquered glass - white, black, dark red, avio blue, orange and yellow.

Ceramic - gloss white, gloss medium grey and gloss anthracite grey, as well as matt white, matt medium grey and matt anthracite grey and satin-coated Corten version.

Fenix - matt white, matt black, matt medium grey and matt turtledove.

Lim 3.0 Table Dimensions:
W 80cm L 120cm | W 31.50" L 47.2"
W 80cm L 140cm | W 31.50" L 55.1"
W 80cm L 160cm | W 31.50" L 63"
W 90cm L 180cm | W 35.4" D 70.87"
W 90cm L 200cm | W 35.4" D 78.7"
W 90 cm L 220cm | W 35.4" D 86.6"
W 90 cm L 240cm | W 35.4" D 35.4"
W 100cm L 200cm | W 39.37" D 78.7"
W 100cm L 220cm | W 39.37" D 47.2"
W 100cm L 240cm | W 39.37" D 94.5"
W 100cm L 260cm | W 39.37" D 102.36"
W 100cm L 280cm | W 39.37" D 110.24"
W 100cm L 300cm | W 39.37" D 118.11"
W 120cm L 300cm | W 47.2" D 118.11"
W 100cm L 100cm | W 35.4" D 70.9"
W 120cm L 120cm | W 47.2" D 47.2"
W 140cm L 140cm | W 55.1" D 55.1"
W 150cm L 150cm | W 59.06" D 59.06"

Height: 72/75cm | 28.35"/29.53"

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Lead Time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks

  • 80 x 120 cm | Lacquered Glass
  • Lacquered Glass | Orange
  • Height 72 cm
€ 2.646,00
€ 2.727,00
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