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Tense Standard Table -

Tense Standard Table

Design: Piergiorgio & Michele Cazzaniga

A mono-material table with a monochromatic finish.
The important technological innovation it incorporates, combined with the tensioning capacity of the components, makes it possible to build tabletops in large sizes which remain perfectly fl at and also extremely light.

Frame and tabletops
A table available in 3 versions:
- Mono-material finish in matt white, made of acrylic resin and rock minerals.
Tabletop, edges and legs covered with a 3mm thick sheet of resin.
- Monochromatic finish in matt black or medium grey in acrylic resin and stratified laminate.
Tabletop in stratified laminate with mass colouration; edges and legs in acrylic resin and rock minerals.
The 35mm thick tabletop is a load-bearing composite board built with an internal frame consisting of either aluminium profiles and polystyrene filler (mono-material version), or an acrylic resin honeycomb and two outer layers of aluminium monochromatic version). 35x35mm steel legs with internal structural tie. The acrylic resin coating is in the same matt colours as the tabletop.

The table is also available in a version equipped with 1 or 2 openings and an undertop tray. The openings in size 350 or 420mm are in aluminium. A steel spring can be inserted into the predrilled holes (every 50cm) at the bottom of the undertop tray to group the cables on the floor together. Please call to order
- matt white lacquer with tables in matt white
- matt black lacquer with tables in black
- medium grey lacquer with tables in medium grey

Tense is recommended for indoor use, only.
The dimensional tolerance in both width and length is 0/+5mm.
Special sizes are not available

Tense Standard Table Dimensions:
W 90cm L 160cm | W 35.4" L 63"
W 90cm L 180cm | W 35.4" D 70.87"
W 90cm L 200cm | W 35.4" D 78.7"
W 90 cm L 220cm | W 35.4" D 86.6"
W 90 cm L 240cm | W 35.4" D 35.4"
W 100cm L 200cm | W 39.37" D 78.7"
W 100cm L 220cm | W 39.37" D 47.2"
W 100cm L 240cm | W 39.37" D 94.5"
W 100cm L 260cm | W 39.37" D 102.36"
W 100cm L 280cm | W 39.37" D 110.24"
W 100cm L 300cm | W 39.37" D 118.11"
W 120cm L 120cm | W 47.24" D 47.24"
W 120cm L 240cm | W 47.24" D 94.49"
W 120cm L 260cm | W 47.24" D 102.36"
W 120cm L 280cm | W 47.24" D 110.24"
W 120cm L 300cm | W 47.24" D 118.11"
W 120cm L 360cm | W 47.24" D 141.73"
W 120cm L 400cm | W 47.24" D 157.48"
W 150cm L 150cm | W 59.06" D 59.06"
W 150cm L 200cm | W 59.06" D 78.7"
W 150cm L 240cm | W 59.06" D 94.5"
W 150cm L 300cm | W 59.06" D 118.11"
W 150cm L 360cm | W 59.06" D 141.73"
W 150cm L 400cm | W 59.06" D 157.48"

Height: 73cm | 28.74"

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  • 90 x 160 cm | White
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