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MDF Italia – 20.venti by 967ARCH


Design: 967ARCH

This new office system features a linear iconic design typical of MDF Italia’s “dna”. A reflection on the desk, the archetypal workstation, proposes to create an office atmosphere in a contemporary key. The contrast between full and empty volumes, the carefully studied combination of various finishes and the cables built into the bearing frame define an renewed proposal for office furnishings. The technical challenge starts from the use of a slender frame generated by a 20x20 profile, a feature that perfectly merges with MDF Italia’s other table and storage collections.

The collection 20.VENTI includes both individual tables and double workstations, which can be aggregated, and a wide selection of screens and accessories.

Designed by 967Arch for MDF Italia to offer an extensive choice of dimensions and finishes for working areas, management offices and residential settings where tables for nomadic technological work are becoming a common trait.

Tops are made of medium density fibreboard panels covered with Fenix NTM laminate in the matt colours white, light grey, medium grey and black that slide on linear self-lubricating guides. Fenix NTM top in the colours light grey and medium grey certifed in compliance with standard UNI EN13772 and UNI EN 13721. Every workstation has a structural wireway that can be accessed by sliding the top. It can be used for electrification and cables, or simply as a small storage compartment for daily usage.

Steel frame and legs, section 20x20mm, painted with epoxy powder in the matt colours white and graphite grey. Structural wireway made of medium density fibreboard two-tone surfaced panels, thickness 2cm, with the outside in matt colours white or graphite grey, and the inside always in medium grey.

Open compartment, sound-absorption screen, pc stand with castors, wireway sleeve, stationary and document holder.

20.venti single desk Dimensions:
Width: 90cm | 35.43", Height: 75cm | 29.53"
L 160cm | L 62.99"
L 180cm | L 70.86"
L 200cm | L 78.74"

20.venti desks with front seats Dimensions:
Length: 160cm | 62.99", Height: 75cm | 29.53"
W 160cm | W 62.99"
W 180cm | W 70.87"

Lead Time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks

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