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Lange Production - FK 100 Sideboard by Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm

FK 100 Sideboard

Design: Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm

The FK 100 Sideboard was designed in 1965 and is today being produced at the same factory, on the same tools as back in the seventies.

The sideboard is a perfect room divider as it is veneered on all surfaces on the outside as well as on the inside. It is made in an outstanding quality where the details speak for themselves.

Cabinet of veneer with frame in chrome-plated steel.

The cabinet is available in dark oak with doors in dark oak, santos palisander with black doors and Olive wood with white doors.

FK 100 Sideboard Dimensions
L 100cm W 45cm H 71cm | L 39.37" W 17.72" H 27.95"

€ 4.000,00

Lead Time:
Approx. 4-6 weeks

  • Smoked Oak
€ 4.000,00
€ 4.000,00