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Lange Production - GJ Bow Chair - Teakby Grete Jalk

GJ Bow Chair - Teak

Design: Grete Jalk

The launch of Grete Jalk’s chair – the GJ Chair, and the GJ Nesting Table marks the beginning of a new era for Lange Production, who will also start producing furniture of numerous other designers.

Function & Finish in Grete Jalk’s world famous furniture from 1963 has been crucial to Lange Production. Consequently, several Danish cultural institutions have been involved in this project.

The Danish Design School in Copenhagen, the Danish Museum of Art and Design – who hold Grete Jalk’s original drawings and furniture, and Trapholt in Kolding – who are also in possession of a set of furniture from 1963, to name a few.

The expressive sculptural form of the chair, composed of two similarly shaped pieces of moulded plywood, marks a late highlight in the engagement of prominent designers with this material, which had commenced in the 1930s.

Materials: Moulded Plywood
Finish: Teak

GJ Bow Chair - Teak Dimensions
L 70cm W 63cm H 75cm | L 27.56" W 24.8" H 29.53"

€ 2.250,00

Lead Time:
Approx. 4-6 weeks

€ 2.250,00
€ 2.250,00