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Fargo 80

FARGO 80 Armchair

Design: Diego Sferrazza

The FARGO armchair and two seater couch stand out for a sober, refined and essential design: the main elements are minimized to enhance the shape cleanliness as a true practice of formal and functional rationalism. Fargo chairs and couches are meant for outdoor and indoor. The frame is made of a curved stainless steel 16mm tube, polished, sandblasted or powder-coated. Moulded fireproof polyurethane rubber pillows have removable fabric or leather covers.

The stainless steel structure and the hydrophobic DryFlex polyurethane pillows made Fargo a product highly resistant to extreme weather conditions. DryFlex is fully recyclable and produced by using VPF technology, preventing the emission of polluting agents during the foaming process.

Customer Own Material (COM) and Customer Own Leather (COL) also available.


€ 1.220,00

Lead Time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks

€ 1.220,00
€ 1.220,00