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MDF Italia – Sign Chair by P. Cazzaniga

Sign Chair

Design: P. Cazzaniga

A highly-comfortable seating of great impact for indoor and outdoor use.

A self-supporting structure made from polyamide (nylon 6), rotationally molded, gloss painted white.

Acrylic paint of high-quality in terms of gloss, resistance and hardness (automobile sector). Any scratch caused by everyday use can be removed and the original gloss maintained using the polishing kit provided (cloth and polish).

They always come with a drill (dia. 9 mm) for water drainage.

Supplied with a kit of 4 kinds of small feet, easily interchangeable, which are fit for any kind of floor: ceramic, wood, carpet, linoleum etc., for both outdoor and indoor use.

Sign Chair
W 49cm D 58cm H 76cm | W 19.3" D 22.8" H 29.9"
Seat Height: 45cm | 17.7"

€ 1.584,00

Lead Time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks

  • Gloss Painted White
€ 1.584,00
€ 1.584,00
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