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Nendo w132a3 Bowl Sphere

Nendo w132 – Accessories

Design: Nendo

The lamp collection Nendo w132 was launched in 2013 through an installation at ”Skridskopaviljongen” on Skeppsholmen in Stockholm, in collaboration with Japanese designer Nendo. The aim of the installation was to illustrate the lamp system’s modularity. This was done by a variety of items created especially for the installation, based on the lamps standard components.

After the installation, some of the items ended up at the Wästberg family home, quickly becoming a favourite feature of the family’s everyday life and popular with guests. Now a selection of these items is being introduced as accessories to the lamp collection.

White, Black, Blue, Pink

Nendo w132a3 Bowl Sphere
H 512mm Ø 285mm | H 20.16" Ø 11.22"

€ 443,00

Lead Time:
Approx. 2-3 weeks

  • White
€ 443,00
€ 443,00