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Wästberg - Nendo w132 Table

Nendo w132 Table

Design: Nendo

Nendo w132 is developed in collaboration with Japanese Designer Nendo. The result of the collaboration is a lamp system. A pallet of parts that can be arranged in different configurations: the shade, pole and base. The height and form of the light can be easily changed by adding and rearranging the components.

By attaching the wire to the shade, it becomes a pendant lamp. Adding a longer pole to the table lamp makes it a floor standing one. The shade is also available in three different shapes: a cone, sphere and a cylinder and three different colours: white, black and blue.

€ 576,00

Lead Time:
Approx. 2-3 weeks

  • Cone Shade w132t1
  • White
  • EU Plug
€ 576,00
€ 576,00