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Iittala - Lantern Candleholder 600mm Clear by Harri Koskinen

Crisp and Clean Large Freestanding Candleholder

Design: Harri Koskinen

Harri Koskinen’s objects have attracted considerable international interest. The Lantern candleholder is a light sculpture designed with clear and clean lines. The reflections of the candle inside the mouth-blown glass create an illusion of light floating on air.

Large enough to stand on the floor, the Lantern has an intrisic sculptural quality. Koskinen describes it as "light placed upon a pedestal." These mouth-blown, majestic funnel candle holders are a remarkable central focal point in any room. The candles appear to be floating in space and emits a beautiful light that glows down the sides of the lantern. They come with a match holder to facilitate the lighting and snuffing out of the candle.

Lantern with internal candle holder positioned in central bottle-neck

Includes a match holder to facilitate the lighting and snuffing of the candle

Material: Lead-free crystal

Lantern Large Clear: H 60cm Ø 14.5cm

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€ 248,00

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€ 248,00
€ 248,00