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Iittala - Decanter 190cl by Antonio Citterio & Toan Nguyen

A Shape that Embodies the Art of Simplicity

Design: Antonio Citterio & Toan Nguyen

A decanter has two functions: It should allow the wine to breathe, in order to release the flavours and bouquet that have been locked inside the wine; and it should let light ignite the ruby-red brilliance of a vintage wine. The Decanter fulfils both of them.

Citterio and Nguyen have created a mouth-blown decanter with every element reduced to its purest, most essential functional purpose. With lines this pure and well balanced, the decanter stands perfectly together with our various wineglasses – especially with the wine glasses of the Iittala Essence series.

Made in Finland

Material: Clear Blown Glass

Decanter: 190cl H 20cm | 2 quarts H 8"

EAN Code: 6411920046056

€ 87,00

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Approx. 2-4 weeks

€ 87,00
€ 87,00