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Norm 06 Small

Small Pendant Lamp Inspired by Lilies

Design: Simon Karkov

Norm 06 is a self-assembly lamp shade. It´s a sculptural lamp shade with a unique expression. It is easy to assemble without the need for any tools or glue. The design is inspired by nature, by the lilies and the water lilies. Norm 06 nicely follows the Danish design tradition for lamp shades with its shielding of the bulb and the soft light that results.

Lamp shade is just put together according to step-by-step instructions.

Materials: Non flammable plastic lamp shade foil

Self-assembly lamp shade delivered flatpack. No tools or glue required.

Cord and light bulb are not included.

Color: White

Norm 06 Small: Ø 43cm H 24cm | Ø 18" H 9.5"
Norm 06 Medium: Ø 62cm H 30cm | Ø 24.5" H 9.6"
Norm 06 Large: Ø 85cm H 32cm | Ø 33.5" H 12.6"

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