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Normann Copenhagen - Norm 12 Lamp White X Large  by Simon Karkov

Norm 12 Lamp White X Large

Design: Simon Karkov

Normann Copenhagen released the Norm 69 lamp in 2002, and it ended up becoming a design icon throughout the whole world. The lamp also marked the start of the age-long collaboration with designer Simon Karkov. Now, more than a decade later, another sculptural lamp oozing with character from the same designer´s hand has arrived.

Nature and flowers have been a constant source of inspiration for Simon Karkovs designs and the resemblance to a flower can clearly be seen when looking at the Norm 12 lamps curved, leaf-like components. The lamp has a soft shape with an organic feel to it.

Material: Lamp shade foil. The lamp shade is made of a special, non flammable plastic material.
Low-energy 9 Watt bulbs are recommended. To obtain a warmer light a filament bulb can be used. Socket and cord are not included.

Norm 12 Lamp White X Large 1087gr Dimensions:

Ø 60cm H 63cm | Ø 23.62" H 24.80"

€ 112,00

Delivery Time:
Approx. 3-5 weeks

€ 112,00
€ 112,00