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Velden Palla

Velden Palla

Design: Liset van der Scheer

Designed by Liset van der Scheer, Velden is the newest addition to Casalis’ soft furnishing collection. Taking inspiration from the Bauhaus movement, the new poufs, plaids and cushions feature eye-catching, harmoniously balanced geometric shapes. The structured patterns of simple, rectilinear forms, are tinged in soothing Earth tones, reminiscent of those found on the open plains of the Belgian fields, or ‘velden’. Knitted entirely in merino wool, the Velden collection is the masterful combination of modern style and comfort, interwoven with luxuriously soft textures and beauty nature has to offer.

Material: 100% merino wool.

Velden Palla Dimensions:
Palla Small
W 50cm H 36cm | W 31.5" H 35.4"
Palla Medium
W 60cm H 44cm | W 23.62" H 17.32"
Quadrato Medium
W 56cm H 26cm | W 10.24" H 22.05"
Quadrato Large
W 85cm H 28cm | W 33.46" H 11.02"

Delivery Time:
Approx. 3-4 weeks

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