Item: 65866

DePadova - Kant by Formfürsorge


Design: Formfürsorge

A single piece of cut, perforated, folded and painted sheet metal. No scrap. Voilà, a vertical bookcase in different colours, easy, on its own or in a group. A storage unit with an industrial tone, underscored by the holes of the folds and the rivets that hold the shelves. It is ideal for the living room or bedroom for books. In the kitchen it can contain jars and spices, in the bathroom towels and perfumes. Or file folders, in the office.

Cut and created out of a single 2000x1000 mm metal sheet, which is folded and riveted, without creating any waste.

Powder coated steel, matt white coloured.

Kant Dimensions:
D 30cm W 26cm H 197cm | D 11.81" W 10.24" H 77.56"

Lead Time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks

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