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DePadova - Quadrato Table by DePadova

Quadrato Table

Design: DePadova

Linear, minimalist, the essence of the table. A thin white line defines the painted steel base. The top reveals its layers along the edges: a distinctive trait of Quadrato that has led to many imitations. So simple it becomes sophisticated, so Nordic in its forthright spirit.A table for dining or work, a place to put art books and sculptures. Extremely versatile, it works with all types of chairs, in all types of spaces.

Steel coated with white powder. Thermoplastic feet.

Wood particle board panel with edging in marine plywood, covered in white HPL laminate.

Quadrato Table Dimensions:
D 130cm W 130cm H 73cm | D 51.18" W 51.18" H 28.74"
D 140cm W 140cm H 73cm | D 55.12" W 55.12" H 28.74"
D 155cm W 155cm H 73cm | D 61.02" W 61.02" H 28.74"
D 73cm W 160cm H 73cm | D 28.74" W 62.99" H 28.74"
D 73cm W 180cm H 73cm | D 28.74" W 70.87" H 28.74"

Lead Time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks

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