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DePadova - Regent’s 16 Sofa by DePadova 1983/2016

Regent’s 16 Sofa

Design: DePadova 1983/2016

Totally revised in its proportions, the low back is the key to successfully reinterpret and update the Regent’s Georgian style, easily spottable in the lines of the armchair and sofa. A 360° comfort is guaranteed by the wood frame featuring elastic belts, by the padding in expanded polyurethane and covered with polyester batting, on which rest the goose down cushions.

Wood with elastic straps.

Beechwood with adjustable thermoplastic glide foot.

Variable-density foamed polyurethane and polyester wadding covered with polyester velveteen. For FR (Fire Resistant) versions: padding materials follow current regulations.

Seat Cushion
Goose down with support in foamed polyurethane, covered with cotton cloth.

External Cover
Totally removable cover in fabric.

Regent’s 16 Sofa Dimensions:
D 101cm W 183cm H 76cm | D 39.76" W 72.05" H 29.92"
D 101cm W 223cm H 76cm | D 39.76" W 87.80" H 29.92"
D 101cm W 252cm H 76cm | D 39.76" W 99.21" H 29.92"
D 101cm W 312cm H 76cm | D 39.76" W 122.83" H 29.92"
Seat Height: 43cm | 16.93"

Lead Time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks

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