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DePadova - Landscape Sofa by Vico Magistretti

Landscape Sofa

Design: Vico Magistretti

It adds a note of personality to your environment, with a simple neutrality that everyone agrees on, from the classic to the more contemporary taste. The right proportion sums up both stability and comfort, structural sobriety and freedom.

Wood with elastic straps.

Steel sheet finished in acrylic paint, grey raw-effect coloured, with thermoplastic feet, brass coloured. Central and connecting feet in steel, powder coated with adjustable thermoplastic foot.

Variable-density foamed polyurethane and polyester wadding. For FR (Fire Resistant) versions: padding materials follow current regulations.

Seat Cushions
Goose down with support in foamed polyurethane, covered with cotton cloth.

Backrest Cushions
Goose down mixed with polyester fibre, covered in cotton cloth.

External Cover
Totally removable cover in fabric or non-removable in leather or velvet.

Loose Cushion (optional)
Goose down mixed with polyester fibres, covered in cotton cloth.

Headrest Cushion
Foamed polyurethane and polyester wadding, covered with polyester velveteen.

MDF veneered with smoked oak, finished with transparent water-based or solvent-based paint.

Landscape Sofa Dimensions:
D 105cm W 220cm H 54cm | D 41.34" W 86.61" H 21.26"
D 105cm W 260cm H 54cm | D 41.34" W 102.36" H 21.26"
D 105cm W 300cm H 54cm | D 41.34" W 118.11" H 21.26"
D 105cm W 360cm H 54cm | D 41.34" W 141.73" H 21.26"

Seat Height: 39cm | 15.35"

Lead Time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks

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