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DePadova - Erei Sofa by Elisa Ossino

Erei Sofa

Design: Elisa Ossino

The Erei sofa appears to be levitating, as it rises from the floor supported by slim legs despite its important silhouette. It is the basis of a seating system that can be assembled in an abstract landscape with different configurations, inspired by the Sicilian mountain range Erei. The padding gives a unique look that resonates the classic capitonné as a contemporary story that only Elisa Ossino can tell.
Awarded with Archiproducts Design Awards 2018 (furniture category)

Wood with elastic straps.

Variable-density foamed polyurethane, memory foam and polyester wadding covered with polyester velveteen. For UK market only the memory foam components are in foamed polyurethane. For FR (Fire Resistant) versions: padding materials follow current regulations.

Powder coated steel, gun barrel grey or brick red coloured. Thermoplastic glide foot.

Loose Cushions (optional)
In goose down, covered with cotton cloth.

External cover
Removable cover in fabric or non-removable in leather or velvet.

Erei Sofa Dimensions:
L 102cm W 202cm H 72cm | L 40.16" W 79.53" H 28.35"
L 102cm W 252cm H 72cm | L 40.16" W 99.21" H 28.35"
L 102cm W 302cm H 72cm | L 40.16" W 118.90" H 28.35"
L 102cm W 352cm H 72cm | L 40.16" W 138.58" H 28.35"
Seat Height: 44cm | 17.32"

Lead Time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks

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