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Mater - Spike Candle Holder Matt Aluminium by Amanda Walther

Spike Candle Holder Matt Aluminium

Design: Amanda Walther

The upcoming Danish designer Amanda Walther has created a timeless and iconic candle holder in recycled materials which celebrates Maters renewed focus on creating timeless accessories produced by production methods that supports people and planet.

Each 'Spike Candle Holder' is crafted using old sand-casting techniques in the region of Moradabad, India. Since generations craftsmen has performed sand-casting in this region but in recent years the craft has lost out to more industrial production methods. ‘Spike' honours old crafts by providing the local craftsmen work to help the craft survive over time. It is made of waste mainly from old pipes, tubes and other iron waste.

Material: Partly recycled aluminium.

Spike Candle Holder Matt Aluminium
H 24cm W 15cm | H 9.45" W 5.91”

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$ 189.00
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