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Iittala - Kastehelmi Vase 154mm Grey by Oiva Toikka

Kastehelmi Vase 154mm Grey

Design: Oiva Toikka

The Kastehelmi range of glassware that Toikka originally designed in 1964 was also the outcome of a technical challenge. To celebrate Toikka’s 50th, Iittala reintroduced a selection of the most popular pieces in the range in year 2010. The idea of using droplets of glass as decoration came to Toikka when he was thinking of ways of covering the joint marks left on the surface of pressed glass pieces by the production process.

Kastehelmi’s unique raised droplet design is inspired by morning dewdrops. The Kastehelmi vase is ideal for simpler bouquets. The vibrant colour makes this a striking centerpiece to your table or an elegant detail to your home interior.

Made in Finland

Kastehelmi Vase 154mm Grey
Dimensions: 15.4cm | 6.06"

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€ 41,00
€ 41,00