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Artifort – Twins Table by Monika Mulder

Twins Table

Design: Monika Mulder

The Twins tables are a beautiful family of tables with one base and two table tops by designer Monika Mulder. Twins comes as a coffee table and side table version.

The Twins are available in a Twin high or a Twin low: 38 cm or 54 cm. The round table tops are in solid oak.

‘The size and proportions are set to be theatrical, but also to make the table tops complementing each other’, explains Mulder. ‘They are the right and left hand, the coffee and the notebook, the silent and the loud person. I like the parallel that we are all connected, but still individuals serving different purposes.’

The two versions together offer a great impression in your living room and are available in a variety of different finishes.

MDF lacquered version is available in RAL colors. Please call to order.

Twin High Dimensions:
Base: Ø 24 cm Upper table: Ø 25 cm H 54 cm Lower Table: Ø 30 cm H 46 cm | Base: Ø 9.45" Upper table: Ø 9.84" H 21.26" Lower Table: Ø 11.81" H 18.11"
Twin Low Dimensions:
Base: Ø 27 cm Upper table: Ø 35 cm H 38 cm Lower Table: Ø 42 cm H 30 cm | Base: Ø 10.63" Upper table: Ø 13.78" H 14.96" Lower Table: Ø 16.53" H 11.81"

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  • Twins Low
  • Lacquered MDF
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