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MDF Italia – Flow Slim Color - 4-legged Cross Base - Padded by Jean Marie Massaud

Flow Slim Color - 4-legged Cross Base - Padded

Design: Jean Marie Massaud

The natural progressive ambition, to implement our products, the Flow collection completes itself and enriches with new versions in terms of architecture, finishes and quality components, in tune with the environmental challenges of our age. More than a product, the Flow collection embodies a clever and sensitive look of our age.

At the same time radical and delicate, graphical and sensual, Flow Chair Color single colour silhouettes offer a new interpretation of our hybrid icons. Declined in a range of colours the designer has defined “natural colour of Japan”: a unique combination of simplicity and refinement.

Padded Version
The seatings can be completed with upholstery: a thermoformed padded countershell with a small pad made from quilted polyurethane and polyester wadding. XL padding is the natural development of the classical padding, consisting of a new quilting partially covering backrest and armrest. This gives a new look offering a great comfort.

MASS-PIGMENTED SHELL: The shell, made from polycarbonate through injection moulding, is mass-pigmented in the matt colours white, lead grey, mud, green, avio blue and powder pink and has a standard double finish: gloss outside, and microgoffered inside.
MATT PAINTED SHELL: The injection moulded polycarbonate shell features a paint finish in the matt colours white, lead grey, mud, green, avio blue and powder pink.

€ 1.312,00

Lead Time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks

  • Mass-Pigmented Avio Blue Shell
  • Gloss Painted S006 White X060 Frame (Only mass-pigmented shell)
€ 1.312,00
€ 1.312,00
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