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MDF Italia – Ombre by Leonardo Talarico


Design: Leonardo Talarico

“I start the product conception process with a line. It is the highest expression of simplicity and dimensionless perfection. I like to make it dialogue with other lines in space, imagining that they could be a projection of its shadow, able to give it form and function.”

Ombre, a plural name, indicates a single object created from simple lines. It is a tribute to essentiality, pure lines forming a functional complement, created for the living room, bedroom and office. A bended tube is crossed by linear tubing; this is how many passages are created for a clothing rack and a valet stand. The metal and wood inserts interact to make the structure remind of a sculpture, as well as to give form to a practical element.

Clothes rack: overall dimensions 175 x 41 cm. Valet stand: overall dimensions 145 x 44 cm. Load-bearing structure made of steel tubing Ø 20mm and removable steel stand Ø 360mm, matt black powder coated.

Terminal Pieces
Terminal pieces in solid ash or walnut wood, turned, with simple hook, in the versions: Simple terminal Æ 35 mm, Simple terminal Æ 27 mm, T-shaped terminal, Spherical terminal.
Both clothes rack and valet stand versions have a simple terminal Æ 35 mm. Further to this, in every package a practical supplementary terminal kit is included. Elements that allow the clients creating endless solutions, depending on their own creativity. It is easy to change form and function, depending on personal needs and needs and mood of the moment.

Ombre Dimensions:
Clothes Rack: L 36 cm D 44 cm H 145 cm | L 14.17" D 17.32" H 57.08"
Valet Stand: L 36 cm D 41 cm H 175 cm | L 14.17" D 16.14" H 68.89"


Lead Time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks

  • Clothes Rack
  • Terminal Pieces In Solid Ash
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