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Astep – VV Cinquanta Twin by Vittoriano Viganò

VV Cinquanta Twin | Flos with Sarfatti

Design: Vittoriano Viganò 1951/2017

VV Cinquanta is a lighting collection that embodies elegance and versatility. Designed by Italian architect Vittoriano Viganó in 1951 during his time as Art Director for Arteluce, the VV Cinquanta features a posable direct light source that can swivel and tilt, from direct working light to upward lighting.

The Twin model is an elegant two-armed wall light. Mounted on a brass bracket, the two brass arms reach out in opposite directions. The wide signature reflectors can be angled and rotated to provide both indirect and direct lighting simultaneously. A sculptural wall lamp with multiple lighting compositions.

The VV Cinquanta reflector is made of spun aluminium, available in original Vittoriano Viganò colours.

The VV Cinquanta collection, as all other Astep products, is made in Italy.

Technical Specifications
Materials: Spun Aluminium Reflector, Brass Structure
Finish: Brass Mount with Black Reflectors; Brass Mount with White Reflectors
Bulb: Two E27

VV Cinquanta Twin Dimensions:
L 113 cm W 52.4 cm H 53.8 cm | L 44.48" W 20.63" H 21.18"

€ 998,00

Lead Time:
Approx. 1-2 weeks

  • Brass Mount | Black Reflectors
€ 998,00
€ 998,00
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