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Welcome Hanger M

Welcome Hanger M

Design: Andrés Martínez

It is a versatile set of modules that adds originality and functionality to our hallway, suite or dressing room, facilitating the actions of coming in and out, leaving and collecting our most personal belongings. It is a letter of introduction to our home and lifestyle, enhanced by its volume and by the quality of the handcrafted wood treatment.

The aim of Nomon Home is creating unique pieces to provide comfort to our daily lives.

Come In and Welcome are functional pieces of great aesthetic quality, designed to create spaces where the experience of coming home and taking off the accessories and clothing of everyday use becomes a pleasant well-being experience.

Body: Solid wood with walnut finish.

Location: Suite, Hallway, Dressing Room

Welcome Dimensions:

Hanger S
Ø 8 cm | Ø 3.15"

Hanger M
Ø 12 cm | Ø 4.72"

Hanger L
Ø 16 cm | Ø 6.30"

Ø 34 cm | Ø 13.39"

H 7 cm | H 2.76"

€ 120,00

Lead Time:
Approx. 2-3 weeks

€ 120,00
€ 120,00