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Pal w154

Pal w154

Design: Dirk Winkel

w154 pal is the essence of modern task lighting: an engineered, but graceful construction focused on bringing high quality LED light into the working environment, while keeping a certain formal purity.

The all-metal structure with its slim pro les and integrated mechanics allows for a smooth and easy movement, while the shade incorporates an 8W high-end warm LED with intelligent heat dissipation and light diffusion.

Aesthetically, the design is reduced to a strictly geometrical language, all the way into the nest details of the cast and extruded aluminium elements, complementing the sustainable longevity of the light source.

Minimal expression. Maximum efficiency in material, production, light and energy consumption. Also available as a wall-mounted reading light.

Material: The w154 pal is made of aluminium.

Integrated LED: The light technology is based on a highly energy-efficient, high quality LED solution, which gives a warm white light.

Light distribution: w154 gives a large amount of light, evenly distributed over a large surface.

Joint construction: w154 pal is equipped with a clever joint construction, built around a wheel-construction that is incorporated into one of the arms, which enables smooth movement.

Multiple mounting options: The w154 pal is available with a clamp, a base or a pin - integrated (cut-out Ø 8 mm).

Pal w154 Dimensions:
W 480mm H 460mm | W 18.90" W 18.11"

€ 201,00

Lead Time:
Approx. 2-3 weeks

  • Base
  • Black
  • EU Plug
€ 201,00
€ 226,00