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Analog Magazine Rack

Analog Magazine Rack

Design: Simon Legald

As a little revolt in a digital world, Simon Legald has designed the magazine rack Analog. Analog has a modern and underplayed design, which allows beautiful printed matter to come into its own.

Oddly enough, the inspiration for Analog is taken from the digital world. The magazine rack’s hole-patterned sides are inspired by the computer equipment of the 90’s that had similar perforations for cooling down the electronics.

While the details have a nostalgic nod to technology, the shape is classic: two separate compartments and practical handles form the basis for the design. The industrial, coated steel gives the rack a modern and masculine expression. With Analog, Simon Legald has created an unpretentious magazine rack that possesses a free and easy sense of coolness.

Material: Powder coated steel

Analog Magazine Rack Dimensions:

H 38.2cm L 41.6cm D 23.5cm | H 15.03" L 16.37" D 9.25"

€ 92,00

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Approx. 2-4 weeks

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€ 92,00
€ 92,00