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Aquario Cabinet

Aquario Cabinet

Design: Fernando and Humberto Campana

“We have been working with BD Barcelona Design’s Art Director, Ramón Úbeda for the past two years. We have discussed ideas which have matured with the final result being this piece, inspired in an aquarium. We love creating hybrids using distinct materials, one warm and the other cold. This has become part of our language when designing. Playing with the idea of different weights, with the light aspect of glass and solid wood. The immateriality of the first and the physical presence of the second. The Cabinet is made of ash wood or stained pine, and coloured glass. The internal shelves are also made of glass to conserve the materials transparency and serving to let light pass through. It’s available in two distinct colours”.

Aquario Cabinet Dimensions:
W 182cm D 48cm H 76cm | W 71.65" D 29.92" H 19"

€ 14.699,00

Lead Time:
Approx. 5-7 weeks

  • Version with base and back in wood
  • Green Glass | Natural Ash
€ 14.699,00
€ 14.699,00
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