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Design: Claesson Koivisto Rune

The Palladio table is a table in its most essential form – flat top, four straight legs, nothing else. So less is more, but less is also more… difficult.

The connection between the leg and top is not just virtually invisible, but needs to be very strong. The design feature of the Palladio table lies entirely in the leg/top joint detail. Because the connection is so strong, an almost endless variation of sizes and proportions is possible. Adding a variety of colours and/or surface materials the table works in almost any room or function and in combination with other furniture in any style.

Material main body:
50 mm. Upper and lower side: MDF (4 mm). Honeycomb core. Light-weight.

Top layer:
Oak veneer with standard oil finish. or
Veneer, transparent laquered or
Lacquered in structured lacquer matching powder coating structured colours

Finisching edge: straight plywood, finishing such as on top layer.

Three or four legs Ø30 mm. Leg caps equipped with black adjustment feet. Felt optional.

Sanded stainless steel (sanded horizontally). or
Polished stainless steel. or
Powder coat structure.

Leg heights: 38, 48, 58, 74, and 90 cm.

Palladio Dimensions:
Height 74cm Round / Pill shaped
Ø 120cm | 47.24"
W 220cm D 90cm | W 86.61" D 35.43"
W 300cm D 120cm | W 118.11" D 47.24"

Height 74cm Rectangle
W 90cm D 90cm | W 35.43" D 35.43"
W 200cm D 80cm | W 78.74" D 31.50"
W 120cm D 50cm | W 47.24" D 19.68"
W 160cm D 60cm | W 62.99" D 23.62"
W 160cm D 80cm | W 62.99" D 31.50"

Height 38cm
Ø 60cm | 23.62"
Ø 90cm | 35.43"
Ø 110cm | 43.31"
W 90cm D 90cm | W 35.43" D 35.43"
W 160cm D 60cm | W 62.99" D 23.62"

Height 48cm
Ø 60cm | 23.62"
Ø 90cm | 35.43"

Height 58cm
Ø 60cm | 23.62"

Height 90cm Console
W 125cm D 35cm | W 49.21" D 13.78"
W 160cm D 35cm | W 62.99" D 13.78"


Lead Time:
Approx. 8-9 weeks

  • H 74cm | Round | Ø 120cm
  • Oak Veneer with Standard Oil Finish | Black
  • Sanded Stainless Steel
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