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Rosinante Kids

Rosinante Kids

Design: Eero Aarnio

Carousels and ferriswheels have always fascinated children and adults all over the world. This in mind I started designing a product which I haven’t seen before: a rocking horse for adults and children. Traditionally a rocking horse only rocks back and forth, but this horse has a base which also enables us to spin. And because the horse is made in Spain, it was naturally named after Don Quixote’s world famous horse, Rosinante.

Made of polyethylene resin by rotational moulding. 100% Recyclable. Item suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Suitable for children over 3 years.


Basic - Matt Polyethylene

Lacquered - Lacquered Polyethylene

Rosinante Kids Dimensions:
H 55cm D 36cm W 76cm | H 14.25” D 18” W 30”
Seat Height: 40cm | 15.75"

€ 242,00

Delivery Time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks

  • Basic
€ 242,00
€ 242,00