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Duo Candle Holder

Duo Candle Holder

Design: Lena Billmeier & David Baur

Duo is a candle holder that is suitable for both, candles and tealights. The distinctive parting line between colors and materials emphasizes the functionality of the product. Loosely arranged on the table, in clusters of long candles and compact tealights Duo creates an elegant presence without being loud.

Material: zinc die cast, painted, plated
Colors: dark chrome – black, copper – gray, chrome – white, yellow – gray, blue – bluegray

Duo Candle Holder Dimensions:
W 68mm H 42mm | W 2.68" H 1.65"

€ 23,00

Delivery Time:
Approx. 1-3 weeks

  • Copper - Gray
€ 23,00
€ 25,00