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Design: Vico Magistretti

Wall lamp with timeless design and diffuser in white or amber glass and sandblasted tempered glass bottom cover. Ananas produces diffused, indirect up- or down-lighting, depending on how it is installed.

Nickel-plated metal frame. Diffuser available in amber AM or white BI laminated glass. Tempered, sandblasted glass bottom cover.

Light source:
2x40W (IN) E14 or 2x28W (HA) Eco Saver E14 or 1x48W (HA) Eco Saver R7s/80 for 21x10x11cm
2x60W (IN) E14 or 2x42W (HA) Eco Saver E14 or 1x80W (HA) Eco Saver R7s/80 for 26x13x13cm. Bulb included.

Ananas Dimensions:
W 21cm H 11cm D 10cm | W 8.27" H 4.33" D 3.94"
W 26 cm H 13cm D 13cm | W 10.24" H 5.12" D 5.12"

$ 214.00

Delivery Time:
Approx. 4-6 weeks

  • 21×10×11cm | 2x40W (IN) E14
  • Amber
$ 189.00
$ 214.00