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MDF Italia – Flow Stool VN 4-legged Steel Base by Jean-Marie Massaud

Flow Stool VN 4-legged Steel Base

Design: Jean-Marie Massaud

A family of stools of great impact and comfort completing the Flow Collection. Designed for home, office and community areas, they’re available with a wide range of bases and finishes.

Flow Stool with a White or Black Shell
The shell made from moulded polyurethane is in goffered matt white or black. The polyurethane used, called TECH®, is a high-density structural material that provides great resistance to impact, scratches and aging.

VN 4-legged steel base, in folded sheet metal, painted matt white or graphite, with an aluminium coupling device in the same colour. 360° swivel.

Flow Stool VN 4-legged Steel Base Dimensions:
D 56cm H 44cm L 56cm| D 22.05" H 17.32" L 22.05"
D 54cm H 65cm L 54cm | D 21.26" H 25.59" L 21.26"
D 54cm H 78cm L 54cm | D 21.26" H 30.7" L 21.26"

€ 612,00

Lead Time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks

  • Matt White Shell
  • Matt White Base
  • H 44cm
€ 612,00
€ 612,00
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