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Etch Web Steel

Etch Web Steel

Design: Tom Dixon

Another experiment in our exploration of mathematics and geometry, a repeated irregular pentagon shape creates the ultimate shadow play pendant light.

This is a vast 60cm wide shade with an unusual open structure, designed to cast intricate shadows when lit. Made from digitally etched stainless steel with an extreme-polished finish giving a jewel-like quality as external light is reflected off the mirrored surface.

Can be hung in multiples using our Pendant System, or as a single pendant above a dining table for example.

Color: Silver
Voltage: CE 220V

Etch Web Steel Dimensions:
Ø 60cm H 60cm | Ø 23.62" H 23.62"

€ 1.079,00

Delivery Time:
Approx. 2-4 weeks

€ 1.079,00
€ 1.079,00