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Adjustable Table E 1027

Adjustable Table E 1027

Design: Eileen Gray 1927

This is perhaps the classic among the classics. Its ingeniously proportioned, distinctive form has made this height-adjustable table one of the most popular design icons of the 20th century. It is named after the summer house E 1027 “Maison en bord de mer” that Eileen Gray built for herself and for her collaborator, Jean Badovici. The secret code-name likewise comes from her: E is for Eileen, 10 for Jean (J is the 10th letter of the alphabet), 2 for B(adovici) and 7 for G(ray).

Side table. Height-adjustable frame, chrome-plated tubular steel. Tabletop clear crystal glass or grey smoked glass, or black lacquered metal.

Authorised by The World Licence Holder Aram Designs Ltd, London

Adjustable Table E 1027 Dimensions:
H 55/93cm, 64/102cm W 52cm D 46cm | H 21.65"/36.61", 25.20"/40.16" W 20.47” D 18.11"

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€ 1.143,00
€ 1.143,00
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