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Design: Lucie Koldová

Set of three Whistle with the triangle metal canopy. Suspension Whistle lamp constitutes a symbiosis of two different forms or their multiplication. As the external shape is following the ray of light, it symbolically portrays the shape of traditional whistles. This design follows a series of lamps made of transparent glass with a more technical appearance. Inserted spot lamp is highlighted by offset inks, outer form creates an impression of the shade of an internal soul of the pendant and further define the precise shape of elongated pipes. Hand-blown objects create a visual line of archetypal lights directing light downwards. Whistle lamp collection consists of three glass pipes of larger dimensions and showcases the mastery of the material and the Czech glassmakers.

The craftsmanship applied in production follows in the centuries-old tradition and experience of master glassmakers. The precision crafting of hand-blown glass instills distinctive, enduring character and outstanding quality in all Brokis products. The glass shades are formed from multiple layers of molten glass, each of which is scrutinized by the master glassmaker prior to being blown into the mold. Up to 70% of the resulting quality is achieved in this stage of production. The triplex opal glass used in the production of the lampshade represents one of the highest quality materials used in the lighting industry. The sandwich combination of two transparent outer layers of crystal and an inner layer of white opal glass between them lend the glass outstanding optical properties, as do the carefully guarded handcraft techniques.

Color: Smoke Brown, Smoke Grey, Transparent.

Glass Surface: Shiny.

Surface: White, Black, Magenta, Menthol, Grey, Chrome, Copper, Brass.

Light Source: LED GX53 10W DIM (220-240V) (2700K, 700lm, RA90). Included.

Cable Color: White, Black, Magenta, Menthol, Grey.

Canopy: Black Powder Coated

Whistle Dimensions:
2x W 300mm H 400mm | W 11.81" H 15.75"
1x W 380mm H 550mm | W 14.96" H 21.65"

€ 2.425,00

Lead Time:
Approx. 4-6 weeks

  • Smoke Brown Glass
  • Black Reflector
  • Black Cable
  • 110V, GX53, 10W, 2700K, 700LM, RA90, 100°, DIM
  • Brass Canopy Surface
  • 2.2 m Cable
€ 2.425,00
€ 2.425,00