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Vitra – Karuselli Chair Miniature by Yrjö Kukkapuro

The Miniatures Collection - Classic Chairs

Design: Yrjö Kukkapuro, 1964

Presenting the most important classics of modern furniture history in miniature. The construction, materials and colours correspond to the historical Vitra Design Museum collection original, right down to the last detail. Because they are so true to the originals, the miniatures are not only valuable collector’s items, but also ideal illustrative material for universities, colleges of design and architects.

The Miniatures Collection is unique worldwide. For each miniature there is a licence agreement with the designer or their estate. Many designers collaborate with us to develop the miniatures of their own designs and offer their assistance by supplying information on the objects. In return, we honour the designer’s copyright by paying royalties.

The idea of creating a glassfibre chair based on humanbody's shape was planned already in late 1950s. Glassfibre, the new material, was just invented and came to Finland in late 50s but was very expensive to use. Kukkapuro realized the first model in 1958–1959 and in early 1960s when glassfibre became cheaper Kukkapuro continued the development of Karuselli which finally was produced by the Finnish furniture company Haimi Oy in 1964.

The chair was designed to provide a relaxing sitting position as possible. The basic shape has been obtained through the use of flexible steel mesh and conforms with the human anatomy. The swiveling seat which was of fibreglass reinforced polyester was connected to the base by an intermediate steel spring and rubber dampers. The seat shell and base were coated with semigloss plastic paint in the colours white and black. For upholstery only leather was used.

Scale 1:6
Material: Polyurethane resin, leather, metal
Manufacturer of the full-scale 1:1 model since 1965 Haimi Oy, Helsiniki/Finland

Dimensions: 155 x 165 x 140 mm

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