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E15 - CT08 Vier Glass Side Table by Philipp Mainzer

Side Table with Two Possible Orientations

Design: Philipp Mainzer

The glass table CT08 Vier represents a noteworthy development of the glass side table CT07 Drei. Composed of four solid slabs, the table with its symmetric geometry appears as a smart and stylish object.

CT08 Vier is available in 10 mm (3/8 inch) thick, solid-coloured tempered glass (ASB). The side table CT08 Vier extends the range of side tables complementing the sofa system SF03 Shiraz and can serve as a side table, storage unit or bedside table. CT08 Vier is delivered as one piece.

CT08 Vier
L 40cm W 40cm H 40cm | L 21.8" W 21.8" H 21.8"

€ 1.553,00

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Approx. 6-8 weeks

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€ 1.553,00
€ 1.553,00
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