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Bonnet Wall

Bonnet Wall

Design: Odo Fioravanti

With its elegant sinuous shape, Bonnet is a wall lamp that reworks the concept of indirect lighting. The top part conceals a small, yet very powerful, Led source whose ray of light is mainly directed upwards onto the wall and ceiling. A lens recuperates the parasite light that is normally lost, directing it towards the floor. In this way, Bonnet not only lights itself up, it also produces a downwards glow. The body is in die-cast aluminum, the diffusor in a clear technopolymer with very high refractive indexes. It is available in two finishes: white and polished aluminum. Design registered.

Light source: LED COB 18W (2700 K, 2050 lm, CRI 80)

Bonnet Wall Dimensions:
H 14.4cm W 30.7cm D 20.2cm | H 5.67" W 12.09" D 7.95"

$ 243.00

Delivery Time:
Approx. 4-6 weeks

  • White
$ 215.00
$ 243.00