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Felt Two Grey

Felt Two Grey

Design: Sebastian Herkner

As an accompaniment to his first design, Sebastian designed the felt two. This clock is a reinterpretation of the preceding felt wall clock; the different approach of function, material and shape leads to an iconic clock that can stand on its own. When closely viewed, the texture of the pressed felt becomes visibly apparent as a perfect match with the bamboo back cover.

Materials: PET felt body, coated hands
Dial color: Dark grey with white hands
Japanese quartz movement
Power supply: 1 x AA Battery
5 year warranty certificate

Item Number: LT17012
EAN code: 8718421371259

Felt Two Grey Dimensions:
H 21cm W 19.5cm D 8cm | H 8.3" W 7.7" D 3.1"

$ 153.00

Delivery Time:
Approx. 4-6 weeks

$ 139.00
$ 153.00